Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System Request for Proposal

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) has released an RFP soliciting bids to develop a Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Tracking Application. WSP is seeking the services of a contractor who will design, develop, and implement, and operate the system in a cloud based environment. 

The Washington Legislature commissioned the WSP to implement RCW 43.43.45 Statewide SAK Tracking System.  After a person has been the victim of a sexual assault, the person may undergo a forensic examination for the purpose of collecting any evidence that may have been left behind during the assault. The doctor or nurse conducting the examination preserves the evidence using a sexual assault forensic examination kit, also commonly referred to as a SAFE kit, SAK, or rape kit.   The SAK is transferred to Law Enforcement, who sends the SAK to the Washington State Crime Lab for forensic examination.  When forensic analysis is completed, the Crime Lab returns the SAK to law enforcement, who share the forensic evidence with prosectors.  Prosecutors use the evidence to prosecute the perpetrator of the crime.  For more information on the overall program please refer to the Washington Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Best Practices Task Force Report, Annual Report to the Legislature and Governor, December 2016

The application will be a web based application with the intent to track SAKs throughout their lifecycle.  Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), law enforcement, crime lab personnel, and others may access the system.  Survivors may also access the system to identify the status and location of their SAK.

The RFP and associated documentation was posted on WEBS Wednesday January 30, 2017. WSP is seeking vendors with experience in developing the system, preferably with proven, existing application components that can be leveraged to fulfill the requirements of WSP in a timely manner.  WSP prefers a cloud based approach but will accept other approaches.

In addition to providing the application software, the successful vendor will be expected to provide:

  • Project Management Services
  • A Concept of Operation defining how the application will be designed.
  • System and User documentation
  • Software warranty and long-term maintenance and support
  • Infrastructure to host the application.

Procurement Documents

7/14/17 – Announced Apparent Successful Vendor: STACS DNA

7/27/17 – Contract Signed with STACS DNA


Contact for RFP Information:

Subject line: SAK Tracking System RFP WSP-RFP-SAK002

Mr. Robert Marlatt
RFP Coordinator – Information Technology Division
Washington State Patrol
Office: (360) 596-4905

If you have questions about the WA SAK Tracking System Program, please contact