Why do all records have to be entered under our agency’s primary ORI?

All agencies entering records into WACIC/NCIC are required to monitor their teletype printer 24/7. The teletype printer is assigned to your primary ORI. Therefore, all records are required to be entered under your agency’s primary ORI to ensure that any teletype hit confirmation requests will be routed to the primary ORI.

Yes, you must ensure the vehicle is clear in NCIC. The vehicle can be entered by an agency in the state of residency of the registered owner. The MIS Field must contain that the original report was taken in Mexico where the vehicle was stolen. You can make this type of entry even if the vehicle was stolen in another state.

Entry of a DOL OLN is considered “packing the record” and should always be added to the OLN field. This includes driver licenses, intermediate licenses, and instructional permits no matter the status. DOL numbers indicating an ID only or No license should be entered in the MNU field.

Brady must be flagged “N” if all the criteria are not met. Work with the courts in your area. Let them know that there are forms available that will identify all the Brady criteria on the order. This includes the relationship between the two parties. These forms became available June 2005. They can be found at www.courts.wa.gov.

Packing the record is highly recommended but not required.


Criminal History

RCW 9.41.070 states that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) must be used for the issuance and renewal of a CPL. All agencies are required to use the QNP and QNR NICS transactions to process these checks. The use of criminal history (QH, QWH, QR, etc.) is prohibited and considered misuse of the ACCESS System.

No, city and/or county employees are not criminal justice employees. It is recommended that the city or county obtain an account with Washington ACCESS to Criminal History (WATCH) at (360) 534 2000. This is an internet based program with real time access to Washington State criminal history. Information will be made available according to Washington State law. WATCH may be utilized for any city and county employment requirements. Examples of some of the city employees not entitled to a background check through the ACCESS terminal are firefighters, code enforcement, animal control, parks and emergency management.

A court order to provide criminal history for a non-criminal justice purpose must be sent to:

FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services
Special Correspondence Unit
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

All CPS case workers must be referred to the Seattle office of the Department of Social and Health Services Children’s Administration at 1-800-998-3898.


Answer 1 – If the inquiry to NICS was not delayed the transaction is purged from the system within 24 hours or less. The NICS Transaction Number (NTN) has nothing to deny on. Call NICS and they will assist you with the denial.

Answer 2 – Are you denying based on a prohibition that did not come from a NICS inquiry, such as a qualifying federal prohibition located in your agency’s database and not in III or a federal prohibition from a SID number not in III? If so, then you must use a State Record Identified (SRI), such as a case number. You will need to enter the subject into the NICS Index as well. See the ACCESS Operations Manual for more information.



My agency is requesting additional terminals. What is the process?

Complete the ORI Request Form and email it to WSP Customer Services at ITDHelp@wsp.wa.gov. The request will be assigned to the ACCESS Section for processing. The agency TAC will be contacted and the following will be reviewed:

  • One month of your criminal history logs
  • ACCESS certification list – Is it current? If not, users will have to be scheduled for class.
  • Validations – must be current
  • Previous Audit – all outstanding issues must be in compliance

The ACCESS Section Manager will review all items to ensure they are in compliance. Once that occurs, then the request is approved and the ORIs are issued. Your agency may be denied additional ORIs based on the results of your current audit.

IT personnel that have access to CJI have a state of residency fingerprint background check completed.



The TAC must sign all students up for an ACCESS class because they keep track of all their users certification/expiration dates as well as the pertinent information needed to register for class.

All personnel that have unescorted access to CJI must view the Basic Security Awareness training. This may include your agency’s custodial, IT staff, facilities personnel, administrative support staff, upper management, and prosecutor’s office staff. This training must be reviewed every 2 years.

All upper management and administrators at your agency that are not ACCESS certified and supervise ACCESS users must review this training and sign the signature log. This is a one-time training and the log must be available for audit purposes.

Criminal justice employees are welcomed and encouraged to attend TAC training.

All new employees using the ACCESS terminals must be fingerprinted within 30 days of employment. Notify ACCESS, and we will transfer him/her to your certification list. Notify ACCESS of any name changes at: access@wsp.wa.gov


The TAC can request a list of any records in the system. Criminal history can be requested as well. It is recommended that criminal history be audited on a quarterly basis, especially if the agency has compliance issues with criminal history. Record requests can be requested or by emailing: access@wsp.wa.gov. Include your primary ORI for law enforcement agencies. If your ORI ends in an alpha character, include all the ORI’s you need records for.

You can log into nexTEST and pull up a list of all of your certified users. The link to nextTest is https://fortress.wa.gov/wsp/nextest/nextest/index.cgi. If you do not know your username and password, send an email to access@wsp.wa.gov.

There could be several reasons for no state identification number: the fingerprints were not sent to the Identification Section, they were sent to the Identification Section but were rejected, the fingerprints were sent in as a non-retainable transaction (i.e.: concealed pistol license, gambling license, etc.). Call the Identification and Criminal History Section at (360) 534-2000 for more information.

All agencies must investigate allegations of ACCESS misuse. The TAC, being the point of contact for the agency, is required to notify the agency head. Here are some examples of misuse:

    1. a. Running criminal history on family or friends
    1. b. Running a vehicle registration for personal use
    1. c. “Visiting” or sending inappropriate administrative messages across a mobile data terminal ACCESS connection

Once a possible misuse has been reported, the agency must notify the ACCESS Section. Upon notification, agencies will be provided an ACCESS Violation Incident Form to be completed and returned to ACCESS.

The U.S. Government keeps records of the plates issued by them in Auburn. The hours are 0800-1700, Monday – Friday. The phone number is (253) 931-7711. You can reference this in the ACCESS manual Chapter 8 – Department of Licensing.